Three Reasons to Favor a Floating Frame


Taking a special picture to a local framing studio and discussing how you want the piece to look can be a fun and informative experience. Your framing professional will carefully look at the picture and present you with a number of frame and mat options. One idea that they might suggest is using a floating frame. When a picture appears inside of a floating frame, no mat is present. Instead, the picture has the appearance of floating in the center of the frame, which can provide an appealing visual effect.

9 June 2021

The Truth Behind Controlled Fine Art Storage Units: 4 Things You Need To Know


Whether it's a sculpture or painting, art is something that many people find appealing. As a seasoned artist or art enthusiast, you likely do everything possible to safeguard all your pieces of art. That's commendable because it helps protect the financial and aesthetic value of the artwork. Unfortunately, there are factors beyond your control that can affect your fine art. A case in point is weather elements such as humidity and temperature.

29 January 2021