photography to get your kid out of the house

I was having a hard time with my oldest son wanting nothing to do with anything other than video games. He is only 15 years old and I knew that if I didn't do something to encourage him to get out of the house a bit that he would spend all of his time playing those games. For his birthday, I bought him a really nice digital camera. I signed the two of us up for classes to learn how to use DSLR cameras to capture images that were works of art. This blog contains many of the tips that we learned together.

The Truth Behind Controlled Fine Art Storage Units: 4 Things You Need To Know


Whether it's a sculpture or painting, art is something that many people find appealing. As a seasoned artist or art enthusiast, you likely do everything possible to safeguard all your pieces of art. That's commendable because it helps protect the financial and aesthetic value of the artwork.

Unfortunately, there are factors beyond your control that can affect your fine art. A case in point is weather elements such as humidity and temperature. Luckily, controlled fine art storage units can help keep these artwork enemies at bay. Here are reasons why you should hire controlled fine art storage services today.

1. They Help Avoid Mold Problems

An area that has high humidity is bound to have a mold problem. Mold can cause permanent damage to art. Considering that mold can cause artwork stains and even destroy canvas, this is a menace that you shouldn't overlook.

The good news is that controlled fine art storage units offer an environment where mold is less likely to grow. As a result, your artwork remains intact at all times.  

2. They Help Avoid Cracking

Cracking is the last thing you want, as this will mean that all your hard work will have gone to waste. This is a big problem, particularly when it comes to painted artwork. Temperature and humidity variation is the reason why artwork cracks, making it lose its elegance and value. Controlled fine art storage units have what it takes to keep temperature and humidity in check to help keep your art intact.

3. They Help Avoid Warping

Warping results from storing your artwork in an area with uncontrolled temperature and humidity. Warping can make your artwork have odd dimensions. Securing all your artwork in controlled fine art storage units will help to avoid warping as well as prevent surface material loss and fiber breaking.

4. They Help Avoid Corrosion

When dealing with metal artwork, corrosion is what you should always have in mind. Corrosion results from a chemical reaction between the metal, air, and moisture. By maintaining moisture at an optimal level, controlled fine art storage services will ensure that corrosion doesn't affect your metal artwork pieces.

As you can see, investing in controlled fine art storage services is something you need to do today. Doing so will help keep all your artwork safe from mold and cracking issues, and you also won't have to worry about corrosion and warping problems.


29 January 2021