4 Tips For Getting Better Lifestyle Photos


Lifestyle photography is quickly taking over as more people want their real moments captured, as opposed to staged photos with matching outfits and fake smiles like what some studio portraits turned into. If you are a photographer, whether for a hobby or as a profession, you should learn lifestyle photography. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you choose this style. Learn to Anticipate Special Moments The challenge with lifestyle photography is that you are not supposed to tell the subjects what to do, but instead capture real moments.

8 June 2016

Think You Know Hip Hop? Think Again


Many have misconceptions about hip hop. A common mistake is to conflate rap with hip hop. However, hip hop is a cultural form that includes rapping. There is also a distinctive style of dress, with linkages to clothes popular with youths in large American cities. In hip hop, the rhythm is just as important as the lyrics. This characteristic differentiates it from rap music where artists often go on verbal rifts in which the music plays a secondary role.

5 January 2016

3 Things A Beginning Collector Should Know About Paintings And Drawings


If you are interested in collecting paintings or drawings for your home or as investments, you will need to have an understanding of what makes a piece successful or not from a critic's point of view. There are three aspects of two-dimensional (2-D) art that you should familiarize yourself with from the start.  1.  Abstract Qualities and Composition Whether a painting is representational (the subject matter is recognizable as items or people) or abstract , it should always work as a abstract design that is appealing and coherent even if you were looking at it through a fogged up glass .

7 December 2015