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I was having a hard time with my oldest son wanting nothing to do with anything other than video games. He is only 15 years old and I knew that if I didn't do something to encourage him to get out of the house a bit that he would spend all of his time playing those games. For his birthday, I bought him a really nice digital camera. I signed the two of us up for classes to learn how to use DSLR cameras to capture images that were works of art. This blog contains many of the tips that we learned together.

Choose One Of These Backdrops For A Back-To-School Photo Shoot


Early in the school year, it's customary for schools to organize photo days for their students. While some parents are content to get these portraits, others choose to take their children to a local photographer around the start of school to have their photos taken. There are lots of reasons why you might wish to arrange your own back-to-school photo shoot. One option is that you'll be able to better control the outcome — for example, by making sure that your child's hair is combed and that he or she doesn't have a stain on his or her shirt. These are things that you can't control during a photo shoot at school. If you're planning your own back-to-school shoot, you'll want an appropriate photo backdrop. Here are some options.


For younger children, an appropriate photo backdrop for a back-to-school photo shoot is one that depicts the alphabet. These backdrops are available in many designs, but you'll generally find that they have a fun appearance. For example, the letter "A" may be positioned beside an easily recognizable object that begins with this letter — an apple, perhaps. This photo backdrop is ideal because your child will enjoy looking at it while the photographer is getting set up.

Back-To-School Images

You'll likely also be able to find a photo backdrop that contains a variety of back-to-school images. For example, there might be a collage-style backdrop that features several pictures that immediately conjure up thoughts of heading back to school. Pictures of a school bus, a pencil, a teacher, schoolbooks, and more may all be a part of such a backdrop. If you have the choice of several such backdrops, you'll likely notice that some appear a little more formal, which may be appropriate for older kids, while others are more playful and ideal for younger children.

Grade Number

There's no harm in going for a simple backdrop design if such an idea appeals to you. If so, one option is to choose a backdrop that depicts the grade number of each child. For a child who is starting the second grade, a backdrop with a giant "2" can be appropriate. If you want something that is a little subtler, look for a photo backdrop that has a number of small numbers around it rather than one large one. Any of these scenarios can be ideal for your kid's photo shoot, helping to give you a portrait that you can cherish.

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10 April 2020