Tattoo Tips For People With Dark Skin


While humans come in a variety of hues, from albino white to the darkest shade of midnight, much of the tattoo techniques used and advice given is geared towards those on the lighter end of the spectrum. It's still possible to get a great tattoo if you have medium to dark skin, but there are a few extra things you need to do to ensure you get the design you want and that it looks good on your body.

15 June 2017

How to Get Started Making Professional Quality Videos With Davinci Resolve


As video streaming online becomes more popular for connecting businesses to their customers, small business owners need to be able to create compelling video using state-of-the art software. However, software can be expensive and the learning curve for mastering video editing programs can be steep if you have no experience making films. There are programs such as DaVinci Resolve with free editions that can help you get started with editing your footage and getting it online so you can promote your business effectively.

26 April 2017